Helena Press 3

"When the summer people arrive on the East End, Helena's will no doubt be an even hotter spot. And all this popularity is deserved." - Richard Jay Sholem, The New York Times, March 26, 1995

"The piece is extremely beautiful. Helena Carratala's gem-colored taffeta gowns and robes are sumptuous…" - Laurie Stone, The Village Voice

"…in the midst of all those best-dressed and most-stylish wanna-bes, that woman, Helena Carratalá [Guerrero], is the one they should all look up to as an example. back in the 70s, she was the most original in everything she did (her style, her designs, her parties), and her label Azabache, which was sold in SM (when it was still called Shoe Mart) was what the most fashion-forward women wore." - The Fash Pack, March 31, 2006

Helena Press 2