Mornings at Mangenguey are luxuriously simple: delicious seasonal fruits, eggs with imagination, Spanish Torrijas, French crepes or buttery croissants, coffee, tea, and fresh buko (coconut) juice just picked from our trees!

Lunch and dinner are always special events with Helena's beautifully plated dishes. Some lunch favorites include "The Pepito" a pork tenderloin sandwich with red and green sautéed peppers, onions, and aioli on ciabatta bread, served with crispy French fries; the "Salade Mangenguey", Helena's native adaptation of Salade Nicoise, with spicy grilled local tuna surrounded with an array of fresh local vegetables, drizzled with calamansi vinaigrette and sprinkle with onions, olives, and topped with red eggs; the "Tortilla Española", a Spanish classic: a delicious potato, onion and egg frittata with grilled farm bread rubbed with garlic and topped with freshly grated tomatoes, Spanish ham, and drizzled with virgin olive oil.

Dinner specialties include the house pate, "Mousse de Volaille au cognac"; a Catalan Bullavesa with fish, prawns, clams, mussels, and

squid all cooked together in a rich broth of saffron, herbs and garlic; Vegetarian Ravioli with pancetta and leek sauce;

Chateaubriand steak with ube mash, buttered green beans and carrots and Helena's spicy sauce Béarnaise; baked Philippine scallops in the half shell; Braise duck with a citrus sauce of dalandan and calamansi finished with a Catalan "picada" served with sweat potatoes and sautéed greens.

Meals are capped off with delightful desserts: imagine fresh ice cream made with slivers of tender coconut meat; freshly baked warm chocolate bread pudding and strawberry short cake; and "Mel y Mato", fresh carabao cheese drizzled with wild Palawan honey and roasted pine nuts.

We serve 3 fabulous meals at $75 per day per person. We also accommodate special diets, provided advance notice and at an additional charge of $25 per day per person.