The dining experience on Mangenguey is like no other: fresh sea air to stimulate the appetite, gorgeous views of the ocean, superb cuisine, warm and friendly service, and interesting conversation.

Helena's simple and approachable Catalan-inspired cuisine is definitely one of the highlights of the Mangenguey experience. Guests have called her amazing food "fabulous beyond words", an "Epicurean extravaganza" for the senses. One called it "likeā€¦ a Michelin starred restaurant stuck on a tropical island".

Gathered around the gracious table for communal dining or "al fresco" in the garden, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, meals in Mangenguey reflect the distinctive character of Helena: her Spanish childhood, her years of travelling throughout different continents, combined with her knack of using of local ingredients. We can serve intimate romantic meals in the garden or in the beach with advance notice and an extra charge.