"I say that without these Arts, our world would be vacant and uninteresting, our labor mere endurance, mere wearing away of body and mind." - William Morris

In spite of today's reality where mass-produced items are threatening to make extinct traditional Arts and Crafts and the livelihood of the people that depend on them, we believe in the immense possibility of human "Creative Force" as a great source for producing wealth.

Through the creation of our Studio we will harness artistic talent from various disciplines and challenge them to use their ability in producing a wide range of well-designed, beautifully-crafted, and quality goods applying the techniques of the traditional crafts. This way, we will provide livelihood not only for the artists but also for the craftsmen and their communities. We aim to ensure the preservation of their artistic heritage. All products of Mangenguey will be made of materials sourced in a responsible way and through ecologically sound means, observing ethical labor practices, and with respect for the local economies.


"The stage is not merely the meeting place of all Arts, but is also the return of Art to life" - Oscar Wilde

Mangenguey will be a giant stage, a playground where adventurous souls will gather and create the unimaginable. The Theater of Mangenguey is a place for artists and the audiences to grow, change, and evolve.

There will be all sorts of live performances: big and small, classic and contemporary, drama, music, opera, and dance. There will be films and documentaries, as well as other more unconventional genres.

On Mangenguey, we believe that making Theater is an important and essential act to provoke, inspire, and excite.