cliffs, caves, ancient dwarf hardwood forests, wild orchids and pristine white sand beaches. Mangenguey is a perfect location to create a new vision of Utopian living.

The Calamianes group of islands has five municipalities: Busuanga, Coron, Culion, Calauit, and Linapacan. There are 160 islands in The Calamianes, the highest concentration of islands in the entire archipelago. Culion Island was an important strategic hold for the Spanish who fought for control over the seas of Northern Palawan. Culion still bears the Castilian influence in the old fort, the church, and museum.

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The Salon is a periodic gathering of people of social or intellectual distinction held under the roof of an inspiring hostess, to increase their knowledge through conversation.

"The circle was composed of persons who were not bound together. She had taken them from here and there in society, but so well assorted were they that once there, they fell into harmony like the strings of an instrument touched by an able hand." - On the 18 century Salon of Julie De Lespinasse

On Mangenguey we will gather artists, thinkers and leaders from all walks of society to exchange ideas and converse on art, science, design, philosophy, culture, and all important social and environmental issues affecting our world. We aim to nurture ideas that will foster leadership and bring about positive social change.

Participate in Helena's virtual salon where she discusses issues and ideas close to her heart.