"Is money to be gathered? cut down the pleasant trees among the houses, pull down ancient and venerable buildings for money that a few square yards of dirt will fetch; blacken rivers, hide the sun and poison the air with smoke and worse, and it's nobody's business to see to it or mend it: that is all that modern commerce.

Anyhow, however it be done, unless people care about carrying on their business without making the world hideous, how can they care about ART?" - William Morris

In The Calamianes fishing is the main source of livelihood. Unfortunately the use of illegal fishing methods is still prevalent, and is a major threat to the coral reefs and the biodiversity of the area.

Due to these realities, The Society feels that the development of alternatives sources of income for the community as well as the enforcement of laws should be a major priority. This is to prevent further deterioration of the Coral Reef and the ecological balance of the area but to help uplift people from poverty.

In partnership with our architects, engineers, contractors, craft-masters and artistes as well as the local government, we will create a "Living School". Here we will invite master builders, artists and craftsmen to train the local communities in their respective trades. We will institute a transfer of skills Apprenticeship Program providing hands-on training to deserving community members of The Calamianes. The Living School aims to nurture skills development in the building trades, and decorative arts like bamboo craft, carpentry, local materials building technology, masonry, and steel craft among others. The ultimate goal is to develop a highly skilled work force. These workers will become the builders of the future Calamianes. Building the Island of Mangenguey is a project that encompasses everything that The Society stands for.

Our commitment to The Calamianes will not end with the construction process. Upon completion of the project, a second phase of our "Living School" will start with training of all the sectors in the Hospitality Industry.

This is The Society's commitment to the protection of the environment without forgetting our social commitment to uplift poverty in our neighborhood.