• Decorative painter/Muralist
  • Sculptors
  • Furniture designers/makers
  • Lighting
  • Others


  • Diesel engines generators and boat
  • Desalination reverse osmosis
  • Boats repair
  • Refrigeration and Air condition
  • Pluming/gas
  • Electrician
  • Kitchen equipment
  • Waste control
  • Water management


  • Spa specialists: masseuse, nail technicians, others
  • IT/ computers
  • Security
  • Gardener/Horticulturist

You may apply for a full time job or a volunteer position if you are multi-skilled and trained in some of the above areas and if you want to gain an amazing experience on a 3-6 month basis.

If you decide you are seriously interested and your profile fits our needs, please email us your resume and a letter explaining why you want to join us.

Contact us: