We have been building Utopia since discovering Mangenguey in 2005.

Mangenguey is a perfect location to create a new vision of Utopian living.

Mangenguey is a work in progress towards our ultimate dream: to build a unique, exclusive, and self-contained international destination for people looking for an exciting journey where they can be intrigued, entertained, as well as enlightened.

It took a while to envision UTOPIA and it was always a collaborative effort. We hope that by leading we will inspire many other talented people to join us in this incredible adventure! In these trying times it may be the perfect moment to come and join us in building UTOPIA!

Building and living in Utopia is an incredible experience but requires strong individuals of mind and body that can thrive under pressure and that are dedicated to our dream.

You must be able to live in a quiet, rustic, isolated environment and enjoy the solitude of the wilderness (we do have Wi-fi, cable TV and cell phone signal).  Click here to continue »

Mangenguey Staff House