experience nature, the arts, and the exchange of ideas. They will be able to participate in a continuous selection of events formal and informal happening through the year. Small events like music concerts... Baroque... jazz; literary soirees; old and new movies shown in our salon… As well as big events like series of performances for dance, opera, and theater both classical and contemporary in our amphitheater.

On special occasions... Helena and Richard will host formal events were guests will be requested to dress and sit with them at a sumptuous table for dinner. After, drinks will be served wile playing billiards in the game room... dancing in the moon light with an orchestra... or sitting for conversation in the Salon.

Nature and Well Being

The gardens are a semicircular large flat space back by the north and south peaks and border by an incredibly beautiful white sand beach were the turtles came to nest and the dugongs swim. It is the only part of the island that had already been touched by man.

So we designed a lavishly tropical botanical gardens full of mysterious corners... fountains... mythical animal statuary... a natural pool... ponds with giants lotus flowers... water falling from magical large rocks... and few buildings.

A spa and wellness center will be created because beauty and well being is intimately connected to the lifestyle of Mangenguey.


Mangenguey will be totally self contained and will offer an array of shopping for luxury and essentials items. Many of our products will be designed by our Artists and produced by our Community.

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