trough on the north peak, some in the saddle facing the beach in the south, and some on the west peak facing the cliffs and the South China Sea. All have incredible scenic views of the sea and surrounding islands. As well as some bungalows set in the heart of The Village, these residences are meant for people who are looking for a more communal experience and want a closer look into the island's social life.

During the times that "The Residences" are not in use by their owners they will have the option to be part of the rental pool of The Resort, that way earning an income.

All our "residents" will pay a monthly maintenance fee that will cover basic maintenance of public areas including electricity, water, and security.

Other "a la carte" services will be available for a fee such as maids, butlers, and private chefs.

The idea is to free our members of the stress of property management and maintenance and give them full enjoyment of their time spent in Mangenguey.

The Resort

Our guest cottages will vary on size, price and style from native chic to simply lavish…The service will be of barefoot luxury… friendly and attentive.

Of course some of them will include cable TV, internet connection and air condition.

Public Facilities

All members and guests will be able to indulge in the lavish and plush facilities that will be available in the Village and around the island.

Wining and Dining

We will have several spots on the island to wine and dine. The Food will be simple but fresh and wonderfully exotic...not forgetting the must haves: wonderful café in the morning, fine wines and champagnes, sparkling waters, divine desserts and more...

Arts and Entertainment

Mangenguey will be a destination for people who want to