Mangenguey is where they can experience nature and the arts, engage in exchange of idea, and contribute to a higher cause while enjoying the luxuries of a first class destination.

Mangenguey Island has three development components: The Residences, The Resort, and The Village.

Mangenguey architecture will borrow from a rich tapestry of styles: from the Asian vernacular to the European Renaissance and Modernist movements, as well as the French Baroque-Rococo styles. The design philosophy of Mangenguey is to create a new style of architecture inspired by the cultural fusion of the Philippines, we call it NATIVE BAROQUE. We make use of simple and natural as well as recycled materials thereby proving that true luxury comes from original design and not necessarily from expensive materials. There will be Art everywhere.

Preservation of the Island and its surrounding ecosystem remains a top priority and so all aspects of Mangenguey development will conform to the highest environmental standards.

The Residences

A few private residences will soon be available for 50 year leases. They will be custom built on a "pre-sale" basis. They will be of different sizes and prices; each one of them designed to be a "unique piece of Art". They will be tucked in the forest preserve