outdoor dining, a spa, and a series of guest Bungalows. Crowning the peak will be a classic Amphitheater with a retracting awning just like in the ancient times.

Inbetween cliffsThe architecture will borrow from the rich tapestry of styles: from the Asian vernacular, to the European Renaissance and Modernist movements, as well as the French Baroque-Rococo style. We call it NATIVE BAROQUE. Highlighting sustainability and ecology and using old and new technologies, each building will be unique, as if they were built through the age and then embraced by the forest. The materials will be of thatch and bamboo, salvaged wood, recycled and found materials, wrought iron mixed with brick, stone, cement, and ceramics all combined to showcase indigenous crafts and

celebrate the history of architecture and the decorative arts and crafts. There will be beautiful carved columns with flowering capitals, wrought iron balusters inspired by our flora and fauna, wall frescoes depicting pre-Hispanic Filipino Mythology. There will be Art everywhere. Our design philosophy is to create a new style of architecture inspired by the cultural fusion of the Philippines with same poetic license, using simple materials and old and new technologies. This way we prove that true luxury comes from original design and craftsmanship not from expensive materials.

We believe it is critical to keep the environment in mind, and is our priority to preserve our beautiful paradise as well as the surroundings. We will conform to the highest environmental standards. The Island will be powered by Solar and Wind technologies. Our water systems are designed to minimized waste and maximize the re-use of gray water, also including waste management of both organic and non-organic wastes.

Mangenguey will be a destination for people who want to experience nature, the arts, and the exchange of ideas while