A small dock perched on the rocks awaits them, and an electric rickshaw will drive the guests to their destination. The small dirt road follows the contours of the cliff into the island and the Botanical Gardens. The Island is east-west oriented and composed of three peaks: north, south, west, and a saddle that unites them.

Shored BancaThe Gardens are a semicircular large flat space back by the north and south peaks and are bordered by an incredibly beautiful white sand beach were the turtles come to nest and the dugongs swim. It is the only part of the island that had already been touched by man, so we decided to design lavish tropical botanical gardens full of mysterious corners, with fountains and mythical animal statuary, ponds with giant lotus flowers, water falling from magical large rocks, and few buildings. Built with stone walls by the Ifugao tribe, the small dirt road will border the mountain,

Overlooking a cliffpassing the gardens and climbing through the gorge that divides the north and south peaks into the virgin Molave forests.

Some private residences will be tucked in the forest reserve through the north peak. And the same on the saddle facing the beach in the south, and also the west peak facing the cliffs and the South China Sea. All have incredible scenic views of the sea and surrounding islands.

The Village of Mangenguey will be located on the south peak. Carved into the mountain, a cluster of magnificent buildings, both residential and communal, will be erected. Surrounding a courtyard, a series of pavilions will house a grand Library with old and new technology, a multidisciplinary Studio with work spaces, a club house with a game room, a formal dining room, a Salon with a small theater, a great kitchen with